Good Friday 2017 the Resurrection of Christ

Good Friday 2017 the Resurrection of Christ


Good Friday 2017 is religious holiday celebrating the last week of Christ’s death and resurrection. There is no specific date to Good Friday its date relies on full moon or any where after 21 March. This Holiday is mainly celebrated by Christians. In Roman Catholic Church, it known as a fasting day consuming two small meals and one proper meal containing no meat.


Small Celebration:


The main difference between Good Friday 2017and other traditional occasions is that there is a small celebration. Rather than having a big feast for celebration people go to Church to perform few religious customs and rituals.


Public Holiday:


In majority countries, it is celebrated as a public holiday just like Christmas. But in United States of America not all states have a holiday. Easter is also celebrated along the Good Friday. The Easter is the first holiday period to enjoy the beautiful spring season. People plan so many out door activities and celebration. Involving family get together and out door events to enjoy the day. As the weather is perfect and welcoming folks plan a visit to their families and plan a vacation they had been waiting to take.




Easter is traditional event celebrated by Christians. Easter is celebration of Christ last week his death and rebirth of Jesus. Christians celebrate it as the new beginning, a rebirth to a new life. Removal from all previous sins and evil. Easter has many traditions and customs. Basically, Easter was celebrated by pagans who are inhabited in UK which later on got part of Christian faith. Specialists predict that Easter was taken from “Easter” the Anglo- Saxon goddess of the spring. There is no specific date to Easter it is different in every country. Taking away all the sins leaving people pure. Fish has always been part of the main course meal. Easter holidays are celebrated in a unique and marvelous way all around the world carrying different traditions and enjoyment. In UK Easter is celebrated with old and Christian customs and values keeping in view the pagan’s traditions and beliefs. Going to Church along with home made eatables has always been part of the customs. Feedings the poor and homeless. Women bake biscuits and coloring the Easter eggs and putting them in fancy baskets to take to Church.





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